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Last Minute Valentines Day Present


Are you in need of last minute gift for your Valentine? Tomorrow is the last day to buy a $40 1 hour full body massage gift certificate for your sweetie!

Call 586 949 0500 for details

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Natural Sunburn Relief

Memorial Day weekend was HOT and hopefully this summer will be filled with lots of sunny days. Be sure to use sunscreen, even on cloudy days and if you do happen to get a sunburn check out this video for a natural remedy for some relief

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Remember and give thanks to the heroes who protected our liberties.

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Babies and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is focused solely on removing nerve dysfunction (which improves brain-body communication) so a new baby can grow, develop, and function at its highest potential. We as humans were born with an innate ability to heal. Chiropractors minimize the obstructions to that ability.

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Activator Adjustments

Watch as this Chiropractor from Boise Idaho explains Activator method of adjusting. Interested? Ask Dr Eddie for more information 586 949 0500.

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