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Babies and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is focused solely on removing nerve dysfunction (which improves brain-body communication) so a new baby can grow, develop, and function at its highest potential. We as humans were born with an innate ability to heal. Chiropractors minimize the obstructions to that ability.

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Activator Adjustments

Watch as this Chiropractor from Boise Idaho explains Activator method of adjusting. Interested? Ask Dr Eddie for more information 586 949 0500.

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Your Brain, Body And Spine


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The Beginners Guide To Chiropractic

Are you knew to chiropractic or just not sure about the science of how it benefits your health? Watch this short, informative video about the basics of chiropractic treatment.

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Office Exercises For Stiff Neck

Every day we look at our phones, tablets, computers, e-readers etc and all can result in a very stiff neck. Check out this short video to show you exercises to help relieve the symptoms. Remember to get adjusted on a regular basis!

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Holiday Wishes

Do you need help recovering from the holidays? Do what Frosty does and visit your chiropractor.

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Try Yoga To Relieve Tension

Having some pain in your lower back? Try out these yoga poses which can help relieve the tension.

Yoga is a great way to stretch muscles in between visits with your chiropractor.

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