Chiropractors Often Utilize X-ray Studies

X-rays are a phenomenal way of letting Dr. Kaput get an exact idea of what areas of your spine are being affected.  Dr. Kaput has received very thorough training on taking x-rays and is able to identify even the most subtle abnormalities in the spine.  X-rays allow for Dr. Kaput to create the best treatment plan for you to help you feel your very best.

X-rays Are Safe and Provide Valuable Information

X-rays are a fairly safe and cost effective way to observe the structure and general condition of the spinal column. They are extremely helpful in identifying portions of the spine under high stress and can expose areas where there has been a degenerative change.  These findings allow Dr. Kaput to create a more individualized treatment plan for new patients.  X-rays also allow more serious problems to be ruled out such as tumors, infections, or spinal fractures that require immediate medical assistance.

Procedures Used To Minimize Exposure

Dr. Kaput understands the concern of exposure to x-rays, which is why he uses equipment and procedures that make the x-rays he takes to pose very minimal risk to the body.  The following are some additional steps taken to decrease exposure:

  • Only necessary x-ray views will be taken eliminating unnecessary x-ray exposure
  • Shielding & filtration to block or reduce the x-ray beam from affecting sensitive tissues and areas of nondiagnostic interest
  • Collimation to narrow the x-ray beam to include areas of interest only
  • Grids to reduce scatter radiation and improve x-ray quality
  • Minimal exposure times of just 100ths of a second