Don’t Wait For Symptoms To Appear

Check out this video (found on youtube), it describes how symptoms can just be a small part of what is really is happening with your health and should not be ignored.

The objective of chiropractic care is to have a healthy communication throughout your body and to maintain it, leading to you being healthier because of it. Don't wait for symptoms to appear, regular adjustments can save you downtime and money!

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Your Brain, Body And Spine


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The Beginners Guide To Chiropractic

Are you knew to chiropractic or just not sure about the science of how it benefits your health? Watch this short, informative video about the basics of chiropractic treatment.

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Office Exercises For Stiff Neck

Every day we look at our phones, tablets, computers, e-readers etc and all can result in a very stiff neck. Check out this short video to show you exercises to help relieve the symptoms. Remember to get adjusted on a regular basis!

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5 Exercises To Do In Any Room

Whether you're at home or on-the-go, you can do this quick workout anywhere.

Remember to havc good form, get adjusted on a regular basis and stay healthy my friends!

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Goals for 2018


A new year means a new you, ditch your bad habits and start healthy ones.

You can use this goal calendar to get you started, Happy New Year!


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Holiday Wishes

Do you need help recovering from the holidays? Do what Frosty does and visit your chiropractor.

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Christmas Massage Specials

From now until Dec 31 2017 we are offering 1 hour full body massages for $40.

Skip standing in long lines this year and give the gift of wellness!
Gift certificates available.
Call 586 949 0500 for more info

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