Posture is declining at the speed of technology. Just a reminder to remember to look up!

Be proactive and get adjusted on a regular basis to keep your spine in alignment, Calll 586 949 0500 for an appointment

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Innate Restores

Chiropractic releases your body's innate healing ability. Your body does the healing.

Call 586 949 0500 for an appointment

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Last Minute Valentines Day Present


Are you in need of last minute gift for your Valentine? Tomorrow is the last day to buy a $40 1 hour full body massage gift certificate for your sweetie!

Call 586 949 0500 for details

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Five Minute Yoga Break to Calm Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a very debilitating disorder, break the cycle by practicing yoga and meditation

There are no guarantees that chiropractic care will have an effect on your anxiety, but it might be worth a try by keeping the body and mind connection, call for an appointment at 586 949 0500

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Yoga Poses For Neck and Shoulder Relief

Everyone experiences neck and shoulder pain from time to time. Here is a short video on how to stretch those areas to get some relief. Remember to make an appointment with your chiropractor for proper adjustment and alignment to achieve optimum results!

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Prevent Degeneration

Subtle dislocations of the vertebrae can lead to spinal degeneration and pain. Get checked and get adjusted. Call 586 949 0500 for an appointment

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